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A Novel? Who knows…???

I never thought I would be writing voluntarily... Much less in the process of a novel.  But I currently am.  Let me back track a little and tell you how this started.

My dad was always the writer in the family; heck he could recite you the dictionary from start to finish.  But he never went after his passion because he had a family to support.   But following his death I found I could actually read a  Reading has always been hard for me unless it was a tech manual, math book, or some sci-fi.  Other than that I have never read a book more than a few pages thru.  I mean I have close to a thousand books that I have bought over the years and to this day I can only think of 5 or 10 that I've actually read cover to cover.

For the past few weeks…Ok maybe months;  I’ve been reading/playing a type of interactive novel and I’ve been searching for something particular…  A Transgender Lesbian Romance.  One that would cover the whole transition.  It was not until I read a book by a Trans Woman called "God Doesn't Make Mistakes: Confessions of a Transgender Christian."  That I got into reading for fun.  I started with that and soon I was on my way to looking for books based on Trans characters... But most of the stuff I found was either porn or documentaries.  I knew I was looking for something specific.

Like I stated above I wanted romance...Something where it would make things easier, something I could relate to.  So I started playing a game called "Choices" a interactive novel game.  And then that lead me to start reading lesbian short stories and eventually to novels.  But something else was missing.  I could not find a novel that involved a Transgender Woman who went thru the whole transition during a romance...  When I say went thru the whole transition I mean:  Everything from reconciling and admitting to herself who she was, to presenting to the world.  To coming out.  So after attending a PFLAG meeting in Newport Beach, CA I presented my idea to the author of "I am Jazz" and she told me "That I should write it because I'm living it."  It was then I knew what I had to do.  I kept reading different romance novels most of them centered around LGBTQ+ main characters.  And at the same time drawing from my own past.  I was then I had a crazy idea.  That was in order for this to be real I had to base the characters on people who I both currently interact with and those from my past.

Well less than a month has gone by and I've almost written a solid ten pages; mostly introduction of the story plot and the characters.  I'm using people that I have meet from all aspects of my life.

Here's a brief snippet from the writing of the book:

DISCLAIMER NOTICE:  This story is based on reality and wishful thinking.  The people in here are real.  Some of the names have been changed or modified to protect the innocent.  This is a Christian themed romance novel….  For those of you looking for nothing but sexual activity please go somewhere else or use your imagination.

Thru the course of this story there will be BACKSTORIES and Character Information shorts. The will be typed in italics.  These are not part of the story but just to give you a little history.


What I was looking for in addition to romance was as I have stated previously one that was written from a Christian POV, someone who got involved and developed a relationship while going thru the process of transitioning, a lesbian story, and like the old days I did not want the book to be obviously sexual but where people use their imagination...  Oh what a novel concept these days.  I also wanted to have REAL people with real back stories (both good and bad).

I do not know if I will ever complete it but I do know if I keep up this pace and this amount of in depth I may have to split it into multiple books.

Please feel free to post your ideas and comments....  Who knows I may even use them in the book.  I thank-you for taking time to read this.

Sherry Edith Dansby

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