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Why is your business newsletter and blog on your personal site....And no longer directly on your business site?
-- Wendy B.
Wendy, I moved my newsletter and business blog to my personal site because in a effort to keep my prices low I am always on the lookout for better deals on hosting companies... And the current one does not have a dedicated blog or newsletter page.

Why are your contracts or price lists not available for download to sign and mail in?
--- Shawn M.
Shawn I do not put my contracts for immediate download because I feel that in person contact with clients is critical.  Also I tailor each of my contracts and prices to fit the needs and budget of each client.

What camera do you use?  Pete
Pete depending on the circumstances I use many different types.

Blog Entries....  NOTE Alot of these are taken from my own personal handwritten journal.  Yes I still keep one.

This blog entry was done in response to a FAQ:  Originally published December 2017

Updates Terms and Conditions

December 12, 2017  •

Every once in a while we have to update certain items like Terms and Conditions, Price Lists, etc...   This particular one is related to our Media Aspects (Such as our media transfer service)

Below you will find the updated terms and conditions.  We publish them so that those who are doing business with us will know about them and those who are considering doing business with us will know what to expect.


Dansby Photography & Multimedia©®

Multi Media Terms and Conditions:

All items that are returned for a refund must be in unused condition and in the condition that they were shipped.
Will ONLY be accepted if the item after testing is deemed defective, for example, a CD or DVD will not play in the respective player or the label is not securely on the respective disc.
Cancellations: (Orders that have not been picked-up or have not been scheduled to be picked-up after two weeks of contacting the customer will be considered a cancellation and treated as such. [NO EXCEPTIONS])
            The cancellation policy of an order is based on what stage the order is in at the time of the cancellation request.
Returns will only be accepted up to ten days after the shipment date.

  1. Exchanges can be made up to one calendar month or 30 days, whichever is longer, after the shipment date.
  2. Credit toward your next order can be applied to your account or a cash refund will be sent.  Cash refunds are on a case by case basis.
  3. Opened items are not accepted for return, due to; cancellation after shipping and if no notification has been made within 10 days after shipment.
  4. Refunds are issued via a United States Postal money order.
  5. The exchange process works as follows:
  6. You will send us the item(s) that you feel needs to be exchanged or replaced.
  7. We will examine the item(s) and run different tests on said item.
  8. Should it be determined that said item(s) are defective in any way that is our fault.  A replacement will be sent out; usually within 2-3 business days after receiving the item(s).
  9. Shipping for returns, exchanges and cancellations:
  10. Returns are an optional choice therefore the shipping will be paid be the returnee.
  11. Exchanges due to defects in workmanship; shipping will be paid by Dansby Photography & Multimedia©®

.c.        Cancellations, this policy depends on what stage the work is in.  If the order has just arrived it will be returned the next business day.  If the order is being processed and work has begun on it, then, there will be a $10.00 fee.  If the order is ready to be sent and a cancellation request is submitted then a fee of not less than $50.00 and not more than three times the cost of time and supplies will be due.  Whichever of the two is greater.

  1. All shipping on cancellations will be COD (Collect on Delivery) and will be subject to the fees set forth by the United States Postal Service.
  2. Cancellations that have not been picked up or payment has not been received according to the above terms and conditions:
  3. After a period of 2 weeks after cancellation notice the item(s) become the property of Dansby Photography & Multimedia©®

and may be used for promotional purposes.

  1. If the items are used for promotional purposes then NO Compensations will be issued to the original owner/client brought in due to the promotional use of the item(s)



Dansby Photography & Multimedia ©®

Personal Check Terms and Conditions

  1. Checks must be issued from a United States Bank.
  2. Checks will be made out to Edward Dansby
    2.     Returned checks are subject to a $25.00 returned check fee.
  3. Any discounts given on orders are null and void.


  1. By sending a personal check you agree to the above terms and conditions.


Payment Options


Dansby Photography & Multimedia ©® accepts the following payment options:

1.Credit Card


3.“United States Postal Money Order

4.“COD (Collect On Delivery)

5.Personal Check (see terms and conditions)



United States Postal Money Orders as well as COD are the ONLY means of payment accepted for International orders.  COD is subject to ANY fees as set for the by the United States Postal Service.

International Orders Will be charged an additional $10.00 USD/pound on return shipping.


All Policies of Dansby Photography & Multimedia ©®

are subject to change with or without prior notice..


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