Video Gallery

The following are videos that I have done:

These include but are not limited to interviews, live streams, and personal projects

A interview on Catholic Connection that was filmed at Santa Ana College in 2016

A video I edited several years ago for my Aunt Jeanette.

Jeanette travels around rural Nebraska and entertains the Senior citizens at rest homes. She sings and plays a cordavox. She has been doing this for over fifty years. During this time she worked at a local hospital for over 25 years and raised two boys who played and sang with her when they were small. Jeanette retired from her hospital job about 2 years ago but not from entertaining the elderly. She travels to between 10 -- 12 senior homes each week . At one center she goes to, a ninety-two year old lady bring her shoes to the performance so Jeanette's husband, Leroy Kleve, will dance with her. During the Holiday Season in 2013, she played at over 20 centers for the elderly.

Update Leroy Kleve, Jeanette husband, passed away earlier this year.