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Jim Keltner…My Teacher

A Legacy Ends

I'll add more and change the writing as it comes to me.....  This one is emotional.

Thirty years ago a young, angry, disabled, confused little boy arrived at Bolsa Grande High School not knowing what to expect....  Little did he (now she) know that a single person would have such a impact on her life and become one of her greatest friends and advocates...In addition to teaching her.

1986 Jim Keltner, Mr. Keltner, also arrived at that same school to teach a fledgling choral and drama department.  In the next four years both of their lives and that of the school would change dramatically.  Mr. Keltner (I've always called him that -- Even to this day) taught me that everyone was equal.  On the first day of class he said I don't care if you think you sing good or bad... I'm going to teach you how to sing and love music.  Well he did.

Fast forward to June 8th, 2018....

I had the somber honor of attending Mr. Keltner's last performance as the Choir Teacher for Bolsa Grande High School.  

It is common knowledge that in high school and even so today I have been known to make up some pretty outlandish tale however as those of you who were in attendance to Mr. Jim Keltner's farewell concert on June 8, 2018 Saw very clearly that me transitioning is not out outlandish tale but a proven fact.  
Even thou some comments were said, some looks were given, and it was very uncomfortable for me; I can only imagine those of you who met me for the 1st time in so many years and those of you who only knew me as Edward Dansby or "Eddie" must have been going thru.
Like I just said even though things were said looks were given and I'm sure comments about me behind my back that is fine I was not there to make a statement I was not there to make any company; I was there for Mr. Keltner and I share very unique bond the bond that him and I share  runs I would think and I like to think deeper than blood a lot of you do not know this and the ones who do know you were lucky enough Mr. Keltner and I share the same illness you all to make fun of me and with terms like "flapping like a fish", "hold my milk I would love a milkshake", etc... Those still haunt me to this day; and different things of that nature was said you were making fun of a illness the same one Mr. Keltner suffers from so from my perspective and my point of view when you were making fun of him and every other person who has illness you are also making fun of a teacher that you power has to low and when we do that it makes you look like an idiot and is being a hypocrite river cradic something that 5I have forgiven you guys many years ago yeah it hurts when I think back on it



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