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Names and Friends

If you’re reading this you are making the choice to at least witness my voyage….As I Transition

Many of you know me as Edward Lawrence Dansby and some of you know me as Sherry Edith Dansby; these are all my names.  I honestly don’t mind those who have known me since childhood to still call me Ed, Eddie, Eddy, or Edward; for I know it will take time for those of you to adjust.  I do mind when clients and those who have known me only as Sherry use my, currently legal name of Edward, for those people do not know how much it hurts.

My friends and family are the most important things in life next to my faith; so I give them a lot of leeway and take their feelings into consideration when doing anything….   I’ve always been the type to take the feelings and needs of others into consideration before my own; I know that’s outdated in this day and age….But hey that’s me.

To those who have known me only as Ed; I am still the same person you grew-up with, meet, hung-out with or in some cases picked either on me or to go out with.  We still share the same memories we made together, I still have almost the same views, and some of the same habits.  So realistically everything about the name I was given at birth is the same or at least very close.

To my clients; On my profiles it may still list Ed or some variation of that but please use Sherry.  I still provide the same service, if not better, and I still will treat you with the same level of respect that I have in the past.

To those who only know Sherry;  I thank-you for accepting me into your life and have the memories that we’ve made together.

For all of you the fist time you have used or will use my preferred name (Sherry) you have no idea the joy that it brings/brought me.

Even if you mess up and use my current legal name….  Or after the name change what is referred to as a “Dead Name” our friendship will never be dead.

I love you all the way you are….  I only ask that you try to love the new me…

May GOD Bless you in all that you do.

Love Sherry

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