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New Place Many Changes…

Hello all…

Part one of a multi-part post

A lifelong friend of the family Nancy Lukas among many others thought I should write a book because I have a story to tell; among other things that have been suggested…..
Since I don’t think anyone would buy it….The book that is  🙂   And I tend to have a giving nature I’m writing but I’m also giving…………

With a new place or direction in life comes many changes and challenges.  Those can range from a simple hair or nail polish change; all the way to a completely new place and state of being.  When I started getting a idea for a personal website I thought, and actually did, do one that was borderline adult in nature. Of course I also considered and launched blogs that where just focused on my faith, my photography, my cooking, and other aspects of me.  After letting the hosting expire on those I kept by my side a little notebook (pen and paper type) and as they came to me wrote down or crossed off ideas.  These ranged everything from how I wanted it to look, content I wanted to feature, issues, etc…

When it came time to register and draw-up a plan for this new site, the one you’re reading on, I started to take the time to look at various other sisters sites and designs.  I optited with the theme from Caitlyn Jenner’s site called Ashe Pro.  As you can see the color scheme and flexibility of it is very breathtaking.  I also looked at the site of Jennifer Boylan and I wanted to stay closer to the old school direct layout approach.  Granted I don’t have the luxuries of being able to afford a high-end web designer, along with everything else.  So I’m doing this, along with many other things, on my own.  I say doing it on my own in the aspect that I am not putting those who have made international fame and fortune down… Instead if anything I’m building them up.  I say building them up because they did it on their own… And as a result have inspired others to do their own thing.

When I first launched this site over a week ago all I had was the basic template information provided by the theme and Word Press; so things were still a mess.  There will be many updates and changes along with content made to this site over the next few weeks, days and who know even years… For life is a ever changing cycle and journey.

Some of the plans I have for here are:

  • A support column where users can log into and just vent without being judged and bullied like they are on social media.
  • A faith resource center where those who are looking for a faith based support system can find LGBTQ friendly places of worship; no matter what faith it is. (Mine just happens to be Catholic)
  • A open forum comment feed/guestbook
  • A community events page
  • Business page for LGBT+ businesses to place there stuff
  • A prayer wall….  (Including a remembrance page)
  • And the biggest thing I hope for is that this site will live on and be the “go to” for information.


This post will continue as things progress.  

REMEMBER If you have any suggestions, info or want to suggest something please feel free to email be at my business   Or you can fill out the contact form below in this post.


Once again thanks all with love Sherry


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