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Past posts — Interview 001 Catholic Connection — Repost

Originally posted on my old blog “Rosary & Camera”.
Originally published on October 15th, 2016

The following link is to a video I did for a school assignment, but it’s such a good interview I thought to put it on here and let you all judge.  The text for the questions is below the link.  Please feel free to give me your input.

Two Person Interview
Catholic Connection — Topic: Faith, School, Transgender
Writer: Sherry Dansby
1  Why the topic Faith, School and Transgender?
2 Why do you practice your faith in school?
3  How do you incorporate your faith into school and your transition?
4 What is the single thing you find difficult about the topic at hand?
5 When with the demands of academic life do you find time to practice your faith?
6 Are you afraid of getting outed by others? (Faculty, Staff, Fellow Students)?
7 Are you concerned for the wellbeing and privacy issues of others?
8 Why do you do it?  (Specific topic question can be asked by host)
9 Does it help with or detract from your goals both short and long term.
10 Why or why not?  (Phrase depending on answer to question #9)
11 How does it boost the confidence of yourself and/or those around you?
12 How has it helped you both personally and professionally?
13 How has it hurt?
14 Where can people find more information on these topics?
15 Any last advice or comments?

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