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Past posts — Who are you?

Everyone who knows me already knows most of my past.  In the next few posts I’ll be sharing entries from various areas of the internet that I have made.  These include Facebook, Twitter, various blogs, YouTube, etc…  I hope that it sets the foundation for those of you who are just getting to know me to stay and learn more.

This is one that I’ll start with the link for the original post is below.

Who are you?  (Originally posted April 20th, 2014 on

Who are you…..?

Are you Judas who betrayed Jesus?

Are you Peter why denied Jesus?

Are you Thomas who doubted Jesus?

Are you Paul who persecuted Jesus?

If you have ever told God that you would or would not do something and then didn’t or did do it…. Then you are Judas.

Have you ever not expressed your faith publicly for fear of losing that promotion, possible job or even your own life…..Then you are Peter.

Have you ever said I’ll believe it when I see it…..Then you are Thomas.

Or where you one who persecuted others for their belief in Jesus Christ only to later believe yourself….Then welcome Paul.

The fact is that at some point in everyone of our lives we are one of these; sometimes more than just one.

Christ calls us to follow him…..Not follow the world.

In order to truly call ourselves Christians (Christ-Like) we must endure and overcome the same struggles, pain, torment and persecution that our Savior did…..Even to the point of death.

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