Transgender Resources

Here are the links that I have discovered on my voyage; I hope they help you.

I have the verbal permission from Lambda Legal to use and share their information for the benefit of others.

Suicide Prevention.

We all need help on this journey; these numbers have saved my life at least once.

Call (877) 565-8860

Fortunate Families
Fortunate families is a Catholic LGBTQIA+ support organization.  They have meetings all around the world and most of them are approved by the local Diocese.  The one that I currently go to is “No Barriers To Christand meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 7:30pm.  The location and hosting parish is Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church in San Dimas, CA.  ALL ARE WELCOME… No matter what your faith is.  On their website they have a section called “Listening Parents” the local one for my area is Jenny Naughton her information is provided in the link here:
Jenny Naughton Listening Parent Fortunate Families
The website and address of Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church are listed below; along with the map.
724 E. Bonita Ave.,
​San Dimas, CA 91773