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Transitions…Content 001


(Working Title)

A faith based love story covering society taboos.

Several months ago I did a post called "A Novel Who Knows?" about me writing... I know you're thinking WHAT?  She has always hated writing.  And yes it's true I'm not a fan of it but sometimes you have to write to get your point specifically across and maybe help educate those who have questions and explain why you are doing what you're doing to those who don't understand.  But above all you never know who you might help along the way.

In this section of my voyage down the writers' highway and the development about my novel I would like to focus possibly on the people and locations in it.  And why I chose these groups of people and locations.

The people I chose were those who have had a impact on my life; good, bad or indifferent.  I did primarily focus on those who have taught me lessons, hurt and helped me during my life.  The people and places are real; however, the full real names are not always used, usually I have either used just the first or last names OR a combination of two people for the name of one character.  The places are another story...Those are REAL, granted today they may go by other names.  For example, the location Spring Valley is now Westminster, CA.  Anything that is of a historical nature or reference is 100% real and truthful either to my best memory or the available documents at the time of the writing.  A lot of the situations involving me directly are kind of true; I say "kind of" because to some degree they did happen and to some degree they are my wishful thinking.

The subjects that are primarily covered are those that modern, and recent history (within the last 50 years) society either still are on, have been put on, or just recently taken off the "taboo" list.  Such as inter-racial relationships, LGBTQ+ issues, religious devotion, Catholic/Christianity, disability rights and issues, just to name a few.  Also, topics that will be covered are exposing the entertainment industry and the hypocrisy in it.  A perfect example of that is my own sister who works for a strong supporter, at least when it comes to writing checks, of the LGBTQ+ community.  In fact, they are one of the key sponsors for both the largest LGBT Advocacy Law Firm and the LGBT Center in Los Angeles, CA.
My sister supported me when I first “came-out” …However I should have known that it would have been short-lived.  The media company she works for may see a “nice, open and productive” person.  However, she is and always has been a BULLY plain and simple. (Don’t get me wrong I’m NOT saying I am a saint…Far from it.  But some people can and do change.  Some people like my sister always will hate and get away; even awarded sometimes.  She was a bully, even against me in school and still is.  She “lead the charge” on making fun of me due to my Epilepsy and she still is and does.  After my father’s death I thought she might come around and want to mend bridges and get along with myself, family and others…Foolish me.

These people also are the primary characters….

Some of the other real name people, who are either primary or secondary figures, include acclaimed Chef Anne Burrell, Human Rights Advocate David Levi, Human Equality Advocate Shawn Williams, Transgender Activists Jazz Jennings, Jennifer Boylan and Caitlyn Jenner.  Exes Wife Marie Frasca, Fiancés and Girlfriends Valerie Grimes and Wendy Bartczak (her mother might make a appearance), Clara Gindzin, Paige Eckard, Susan Ackerman, Ellie Harriett; to name just the ones I keep in my heart.  Also included will be my friends and family, those who have stood beside me and those who have stabbed me in the back.  Some of those include Traci Moore, both of my parents, companies I have worked for, teachers, etc.  So, as you can see what I have posted on social media is true No One Is Safe.  With that being said; It does not mean I’ll be hating on everyone… Actually; no most of the people play a positive or semi-positive role in the book.  It is, or is aimed to be, a faith-based LGBTQ+ romance novel, that covers the relationship and whole transition….but also a support book.  I have said that many times.  I’m hoping that by using people that I know either personally, professionally or by reputation that people will be able to relate in their own life.

The Locations…

The various locations are real places that I have personally either lived or visited.  They also include places that I would like to visit.  Most of the story takes place in the Los Angeles and Orange Counties of California; where I currently live and work.  Some of the other places include the cities/towns of Paris and Lisieux France, New York, and a few other places that yet to be determined.

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Sherry Edith Dansby

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