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Voyage To The Master Carpenters House

A story I wrote long ago…. Called Voyage To The Master Carpenters House

I wrote this story about nine years ago….   It still applies to this day.

Edward L. Dansby

September 27, 1999


Have you ever had the feeling that you are being pulled in two different directions? If so, this might illustrate why. One evening I had a dream that I was walking through this residence and there were many accommodations in this house some large, some small. Yet there was only one corridor that wound throughout the house. The floor of the passage is split into three sections; a broad section, a narrow section and a changeable section in the middle. Between each section was a wrought iron fence spreading the length of the hallway separating them. As you gaze down at the floor you see on the right side a path where the footprints look like that of mist; they are there one second and gone the next. On the other side the prints are well defined and embedded in gold. On your right looking through the fence it seems it would be a great place to be while on your left side all you see is oppression.

The floor where you are standing is nothing but packed down dirt, with your footprints cemented in behind you, while the floor ahead is nothing but sand swirling around and around. The gate to the right you think leads to fun and good times; because all you see is one big party going on. The gate on your left side as you look through it all you see is a future of hard labor. From your perspective the fence and the gate on both sides have two very distinctive appearances; on the port side you see them as run down and neglected while on the starboard you see them as kept up and well maintained. If you look ahead you see the truth as you see it. The lane on the right side of you is very

Dansby 2

straight and yet very wide; so you hop over there and find out you have just made the biggest error of your life. When you notice that those people were not laughing and having fun they were in so much pain and they were crying; because a frown turned upside down is a smile: © © see what I mean?

You then back off and try to find your way out of the gate. As you turn around you find out the reason, why the gate and fence seem to be so maintained. It is because from the outside looking in, the way of the world is so good. When in reality it looks that way because they the angels of Satan are working on keeping the outside attractive and therefore the inside of the fence is neglected. While on your port-side the gate is all run down. Yet there is a lot of activity. You ask yourself, why do these people not notice this gate is run down, so you look through the fence and what you find is the way is in fact paved for you and you see the Lord Jesus Christ and the twists and turns of following him. Like the old saying says: “If you make three left turns then you have turned right, because only one made the right turn, so all of us could turn left as many times as need be.”

Then looking ahead you see the front of a door that has one set of hinges. One very old and rusted one on the bottom and a bright shinny one on the top. As you look closer you notice that the door is split in two; one side is labeled SELDOM USED while the other side is labeled THE RIGHT WAY: COME ON IN ITS FUN IN HERE. You think to yourself; “Which way should I go?” As your approach the door you feel two distinct types of heat, one is a burning heat while the other is a loving heat, so you step back for just a second. While stepping back you notice the door knob, but it is in a

Dansby 3

strange place. The middle of the door. You knock on the door both sides open the side with the burning heat sounds like it is opened regularly no squeaking or anything. The side with the loving heat just melts away, and what appears to be a tired old arm like that of relative is reaches out to you. You wonder “which way should I go” the side that is well maintained or the side with the arm?

If you choose the side that is well maintained then you are a fool because. Satan wants you to think that he is Mr. Perfect, however, if you choose the arm then you are making the choice that is in your best interest. The side with the arm leads to something beyond description: The Room Of The Master Carpenter. When you get there you are given a tour around the room and what you see are many bottomless trash cans with steam and heat rising out of them. You also see a showcase and bookcase that is the most wonderful in all the universe. It is made of the purest gold and has on display an uncountable number of both awards and books. The room is so vast that it takes an eternity to walk around it. You turn your head to the left wondering who is the person giving you this tour and you find out that it is Jesus Christ. Only he is not giving you a tour of his house, he is showing you around your new home, Heaven. A house is just a building until three things enter to stay: l.A group of people, 2.Love to tie those people together to create a family and 3. *God to keep that love genuine and to keep those people tied together as a family.

*Because without God love cannot stay strong then the family falls apart.

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