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Originally posted on November 8th, 2016 on my business blog.

OFFICIAL STATEMENT On what has been going on.

November 08, 2016

Over the past few months I have been getting bullied via my business website…. This person has called me a hypocrite, said that as a Uber driver with epilepsy I am a danger to my riders, that my photography is blurry and amateurish, saying I should choose another profession and even some things about my #CatholicFaith. They have gone to great lengths to bash, harass and bully me. And as MOST of you have seen it has taken a great toll on me mentally, physically, emotionally and almost spiritually. In trying to find out who the person is I removed many almost TWO THOUSAND from my #FacebookFriendList
Last night i almost broke and did not come on today…. 
BUT you know what he is right… (Let me explain)
1. I am a hypocrite…. I speak out on behalf of others but never stand-up for myself. 
2. I admit I am not “formally” trained as a #Professional #Photographer#WebDesigner, etc… I’m #SelfTaught and in my honest viewpoint that makes my accomplishments better than anyone out there with a degree. Yes I still have much to learn in these fields but who doesn’t? I have been #Blessed to have some of the best #Mentors who have guided me on my #learningskills Such as Yvette Raymond and her #Husband Anthony HolguinPamela McDonald #RULATHEREDBob DelgadilloBooray PerryDana SolRon Morales Guillermo ProanoJamie Jameson Duane MurphyJon HaverstickMark SevierJoe Barnet and Kellie Husted-Whitford The List is Endless…..MOST ARE either Members of Professional Photographers of America or are #CertifiedProfessionalPhotographers…Some even with Master Degrees…And some are self-taught also.
3. Being a #driver for a ride-sharing company is just like any other job. Having #Epilepsy is just a major barrier that I have in finding employment. But like with my previous list of people I have had a great support system of people especially My Friend, H.S. Choir and Drama Teacher Jim Keltnerwho BTW has OVER 30 years of #teaching but also yep…epilepsy…. Does he pose a danger to those he teaches? NO… Because just like myself he and so many MILLIONS of people here in the USA who deal with it on a daily basis know when they are most prone to them, what triggers them, and what needs to get done to TRY to avoid them (Sleep, Medication, Avoid Stress, etc….) You can do anything you want and still have this illness just ask my friend Traci MooreRachel AllenDanny GloverRick Harrison, and MANY OTHERS! I DEFINE MY EPILEPSY, I LIMIT MY RISK TO EPILEPTIC OCCURRENCES….IT DOES NOT DEFINE OR LIMIT ME! 
***And it’s been almost NINE YEARS SINCE MY LAST ONE!
4. On the issue of being #Transgender…I am still learning as it is a path just like life….I did not chose this and I’m dealing with it the best I can….Once again I have had some great people just a phone call away that are part of the community like Shelbe Chang Ann Thomas, and Chandi Moore…. As well as support from others 
AND 5. I have my faith in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and #GODTheFather #GODTheSon and #GODTheHolySpirit…. They have sent me some great angels to draw strength from Joan WoodsJoan WoodsJoyce McLarenClare ShortRaymond-James MidianDavid Harrison Levi Debbie Day and many others.
In summary I like others have much to learn about everything and everyone…. As my “brother and sister” Shawn Z. Williams and his wonderful wife Tracy Williams have taught me learning is the FIRST step in growing, growing is a step to understanding, Understanding is a step toward acceptance, acceptance is a step toward respecting, respecting is a step toward loving. Maybe we as a #HumanRace will never #Love each other 100% of the time BUT we can #Learn#Grow#Understand#Accept#Respect and #Love the people we meet in life…
We can be open to learning about other cultures, ways of life and our fellow Humans
We can after learning take a step toward growing-up as a society on how we treat others.
We can understand the trials, tribulations, differences, mindsets, and so many other things about our fellow persons.
Once we have those first three things down then we can make the choices on the rest.
Do I want to accept this person?
Will I respect them as a person?
Will I love them as GOD has commanded me?
So if this is what a hypocrite is then we are all guilty of it to some degree…. But let’s not hide behind emails and blocked numbers, fake names, etc…
Let’s get out and talk to people… AND START BY LEARNING FROM EACH OTHER! 
Maybe we can start to make OUR HOME a better place for the #Generations that follow us.
This will be re-posted on my business, personal and ministry sites/blogs.
If any of the people tagged want their site link(s) posted there just list them below in the comments.
Thanks for taking the time to read this I know this has to be one of the longest updates I have ever posted…. But I learned from the #Master of #LongStatusUpdates David Harrison Levi 🙂 
I’m Sherry Dansby a.k.a. Edward Dansby 
And I approve this message….
Copyright 2016


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